Life is simple; people make it complicated. The Creator provided everything we need. It is now left for us to get whatever we want.

Getting your want via rubbing off:

I call this the rub off effect. A very real and visible solution yet people somehow choose to waste their time looking elsewhere for nothing.

Evil communications corrupt good manners.

If you don’t want to become a very rude person, then don’t associate with people with vulgar language else it would rub off on you.

If you associate with thieves, sooner or later you would start stealing.

If you associate with little minds and dullards, well.. you know what you stand to rub off them.


Why Cry!

Why cry – you really want a good life partner but you are still single and searching. Solution: find good happily married people and associate with them; if possible live with them and let that good marriage rub off on you. No association is perfect so don’t judge them for the little flaws you might notice. You must add value to the association. Likes attract. If you find it difficult associating with people with good happy homes, then your primary inner energy is negative and this energy would resist and stop you from getting your heart desire of a good and happy marriage. If this is your case, first work on yourself to redirect your inner energies to stay positive towards achieving your desires.

Why cry – you don’t have money and nobody wants to loan you. Associate yourself with rich honorable people and rub riches off them. Resist every temptation to ask them for money..instead think of the value you would always add to the association; this keeps you relevant and your money is knocking on your door.

To Be Continued..

By Iyke Phelim

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