Hello everyone, I Want to Poo Comedy Movie is ready!

To Download: Click Here “I Want to Poo Comedy Short Film” .

Download and Share. Cheers

Watch Movie:


Hello everyone

I just got back from a location in RCCG Camp mowe, where I shot a very funny math comedy skit / short film written by Mr. Michael Daniel.

Movie title: I Want to Poo.

Producer: Mr. Michael Daniel (for MCD Mathematical)

Director: Iyke Phelim

“I Want to Poo” will be ready and available for download by Friday 2nd October 2015 and It promises to make you laugh really hard.

Kindly check back for the video download link and share with your friends.


5 thoughts on “I Want to Poo – A Mathematic Comedy”

      1. Yes, because there was no audition. The producer already had his cast. Not to worry, I’ll notify when next there’s an audition. Cheers

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