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Now is the time to enter for the next set of auditions coming up soon.

NOTE: Start the conversation by greeting appropriately with respect (good day, good morning, good afternoon etc) and stating your name and location..then state your reason. These are the first things you do when you start up a conversation based on a need you have on someone you are chatting with for the first time

Some people would call/beep me trying to start up a conversation with: Whats up bro, Hi, Hello, Hey, etc.. You need a favour yet you don’t have respect. I’ll ignore you or block you altogether if you don’t show respect.

Back to the movie auditions, to get involved, Contact me: Iyke Phelim

Tel/Whatsapp: +2348033197595, Facebook Page: Iyke Phelim Official, Instagram:



Wow!! it has been a wonderful experience.

Current updates for the movie can be found here:

Entries for audition have officially ended for NADANI the Movie.


Nigerian Nollywood Movie Audition. Entries close June 13th 2015 so if you are interested, hurry now.

The elections caused some delays but thank God that is over now and we have a new president. So back to work!

Now the movie shoot will start June ending /July 2015. All interested people should use the contact information below to get auditioned.

Entries for the Auditions will end 13th June 2015. So send in your entry now.

Two movies following each other back to back so if you do well at the audition, you might just feature in both movies.

If you believe you have the talent, get started now..

Also, I have been getting many requests for an online audition option for interested up and coming actors and actresses who live far from Lagos and are outside Nigeria, and want to participate.

Good news, yes I have included that option now. So if you live far from Lagos or you are outside Nigeria and want to participate, kindly contact me using the contact details below.

Audition is FREE!

Contact me: Iyke Phelim

Tel/Whatsapp: +2348033197595.


Iyke Phelim Films - Nollywood Audition
Directed by US award winning director: Iyke Phelim


Old Post:

The progress on the building of the king’s palace is wow. This movie is going to be one in a million in African epic filming. Preparations are on ground to get Olu Jacobs as king.

Name of movie is withheld for now.

Auditions for this movie will soon start. So if you are interested use the contact info below or join my membership club, its free to join.


Older Posts:

Date is 13th February 2015. The first batch of the auditions for Project Tell – Movie went successfully. Alot of new, hot and good looking up and coming actors turned up. Who says we don’t have fresh and raw talents?

If you are interested in participating and you missed the first batch, not to worry, the second batch will hold in a week time. You can use the contact details below for more information.


Hello All

Yes I’m currently auditioning to get new and fresh talents to feature as actors and actresses in my movies which would be shot the first quarter 2015.

I am making three movies this season. Check location setup and progress pictures below.

These movies will be super. Classic, pure in story and top quality.

If you are interested.. Contact Iyke Phelim. Use the contact information below. Cheers

Iyke Phelim

Tel/Whatsapp: +2348033197595, Facebook:, Instagram:

P.S Kindly Join My Membership Club and Enjoy Many Freebies. Its Free to Join!!

49 thoughts on “Auditioning for New Talents – Actors and Actresses”

  1. Hi,am happiness libue from cross river state, i have a stronge passion for acting,i am zealous,i promise i will make you happy. thanks, hoping to hear from you.

  2. Good day sir, im onyinye. I will love to feature in your movies. I am very talented nd I want to make it to the top. Thanks

  3. Hello sir, my name is Amah Helen. Have been looking for an opportunity to showcase my talent of acting to the world but to no 21yrs of age. I have passion for acting for a very LONG a drama member in my church (mfm).Will be grateful if you can help making my dream of becoming a good actress a reality. I will never give up in this my dream because I know that day is coming. Glad to hear from you SOON. Do have a splendid weekend

  4. Hy boss, am Suzy, please sir am interested in the auditioning, am a member of Royal Ambassador movie industry(RAMI),I have the inbuilt talent in me,and the 3 qualities of an actress Have been looking for opportunity to showcase my talent to the world. am 18yrs of age.I have passion for acting since my tender age,but no one to help me fulfill my dream. if you can help make my dream of becoming a good actress a reality, i vow never to give up until i achieve my goals.


      1. The problem am having now is that am in Akwa Ibom state right away, i wish there’s a way i could come over to Lagos onward before the de-day.

  5. helo a young boy of 17 dat has passion in acting nd music…i rilli want to be ah.member of ur crew…pls help me

  6. I went too be working with you as one of your major actor pls sir and I went too go for your audition but I have not getting any info yet, thanks sir for your reading and time keeping.

  7. Sir I work for PAA production as a PA to Ambassador pat attang, sir I went too go forward as and actor and story writer, as am talking to you right now I have a politician story now and am looking for someone who can bring it out to the world test if am not pay for the story let me just do assistants director I we be very happy, sir pls help me bring my dreams so people see it out, tanks for your reading and time.

  8. is auditioning/casting still going on for ur project? If yes,can i get info abt how to attend d auditioning and processes?.

    1. Hello Betty

      Yes auditions are still ongoing. Shoot for one of the movies am making this year starts next month May 2015. To get involved, use the contact details provided. Thanks

  9. Thumps up sir 4 ur good work.u are doin a great work by letin d young ones 2 showcase their talent.i dnt like talkin much but i will like u 2 test nd see that#Beatrice is interested in all ur auditions.i base in abuja..i will love 2 hear 4rm u sir..

  10. Hello sir, am Presley by name, a young energitic hansome actor.
    Have been in a movie clique (Fresh Talent Movie Entertainment) buh i wan to upgrade, i want to act alonq with stars.
    Sir, would u help me and achive my role?.
    Am 19 yrs old.
    Can act any role but my bestees are :
    acting as campus guy (wether plain or notorious)
    acting as an orphan or hopeles, jobless fellow.
    Actinq as a prince.
    Being involved in agony scenes and romance scenes.
    Tnx as i await ur feedbak…

  11. Good day Sir. Pls how important is AGN nd AGNS ? Because am trying to buy d form but i don’t want to b scam by frausters… Is there any need for it to b in the movie industry?

  12. Good day Sir. Am chidinma a theatre art student of uniport and i reside in p.h pls sir i wuld lyk to feature in one of ur movies… but m not in lagos.. what should i do???

  13. Hello Mr. Phelim,

    My name is Judith Onuoha. I can sing, dance and act. I am an all around entertainer. I want to break into the industry. I live the United States so it hinders me from going to auditions that are in Nigeria. I was wondering if there was any way for me to break into the industry and if you can help with that?

    1. Hello Treasure.. Nice reading from you. This year, I have lined up.. music video projects that would need good dancers and movies for actors and actresses. Contact me on WHATSAPP for more info. My WhatsApp number has been sent to your email. Cheers

  14. Good morning Sir. My name is Aluko Olubunmi. I just joined your team. I am an upcoming Gospel Singer. I need a professional hand that can make me deliver God’ messages to this generation and I know am in the right place. Thanks Sir for making this achievable. Looking forward to hearing from you. You are a BLESSING indeed.

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